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Silly kid trying to shake a PR5 blogger

Seems to be an in-thing these days, some stupid kid trying to attack an established PR5 blogger. I have dealt with this here and here. I am tempted to post the video here but I am deciding against it. After all, what will be the point entertaining this discredited individual? I think flexing my blogging muscles as it stands now is more than enough to destroy this person’s reputation and expose him as the liar that he is. You may go to the links above if you are wondering what the fuss is all about.

Anyway, on with the usual programme. Today, I have taken some job offers from Blogitive and V7N Contextual. The total amount of earnings, if approved, will be around $70 for today. That is a good deal, I believe. I still have about three more job offers from Blogitive and I have only 12 hours left to complete it. So I better get going, toodle doo!


  1. earl-ku
    earl-ku April 30, 2007

    whats so big bout a PR5 blogger?

  2. sss1979
    sss1979 April 30, 2007

    NV7 whats tht? hmm.. better check and see..

  3. Saygore
    Saygore April 30, 2007

    PR5 very lansi meh?

  4. weirdoux
    weirdoux April 30, 2007

    nicole, you should apply for v7n programme…!

  5. vincent
    vincent April 30, 2007

    WHOAH!! PR5!!!


    Well done, lad. Well done!!

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