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Smorty works great

I’ve signed up with this get paid for blogging service called Smorty for several months now, and I am certainly making some money from it. Compared to another paid blogging service which I am engaged in, the offers that are available are not many but I did get two serious offers worth $24 each. Not bad for a company which, like its competitors, is a network where you can get get paid for blogging. Advertisers will pay bloggers for conveying their opinions about a product or service in order for bloggers to advertise on blogs.

I like the Smorty interface as it is intuitive and easy to use. Smorty states that they will pay bloggers every week after the job offer is approved, so that is something new that has not been done by the other paid to blog networks. And yes, they do pay me once every week. So occasionally I do get between ten to twenty dollars every two weeks or so from them. On the whole, the emergence of new paid to blog services like Smorty can only be good for the blog advertising industry as more companies offer people to blog for money.


  1. Alina Elliott
    Alina Elliott August 2, 2012

    I ask that becuase NEC code specifies wire size for services according to amperage for single and multifamily dwellings…but don’t specify if you’re suppose to add the amperage up if you have more than one service…or the wire size that will accomodate 100 amp service will still be sufficient with another 100 amp service.

  2. JDOGG1122
    JDOGG1122 August 2, 2012

    I have install Karpersky antivirus on my local computer (XP Pro). After installed and restarted, the antivirus service should be on automatically, just like other client machine, except this one..
    I try to check the services, i found out the Karpersky Antivirus service is not start, so i start it, but error came out –>Could not start Karpersky Anti-virus Service service on Local computer. Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

  3. Spider Pc
    Spider Pc August 2, 2012

    Most of the restaurants include service charge in the bill of its customers. This service charge is distributed to the restaurant employees as part of their payroll. Will the service charge also be subject to tax? Should the company withhold tax for this?

  4. Johnky J
    Johnky J August 3, 2012

    What do seniors, typically over the age of 70, buy and use? What services can be added to a already existed home care service for the elderly?

  5. SKATEskum
    SKATEskum August 6, 2012

    What type of services would you like to see in a new Online Dating service?

    thinking of starting a online dating service.
    With all the ones out there, what type of feature would u like to see ?

    what is the main attraction you can see in a dating site?

  6. encyclopath
    encyclopath August 7, 2012

    I have little to NO community service under my belt in high school. I’m worried that without community service, it won’t set me apart in college.

    What community service should I get involved in to help me look good for colleges?

  7. opurt
    opurt August 7, 2012

    We are shoe company, we are availing services from different persons for our export, like forex services , etc., but, Some service providers not collecting their service tax with their bills(because not exceeding limit of Rs. 8 lakhs). Hence Whether I need to pay this tax?

  8. musicistabest
    musicistabest August 8, 2012

    I work in a finance office here and Germany and we have encountered an interesting situation. I will list the details below:
    Service member is single and has never been married.
    Service member has full legal and physical custody of a child per a court order.
    Service member PCSed from the states to Germany and was authorized to move his dependant from his previous duty station to a designated location in New York with the birth mother.
    Service member sent dependant to the birth mother because there is a deployment occurring within a couple of months.
    Service member is currently residing in the barracks until the deployment.
    What type of housing allowance is the service member entitled to?
    If you have an answer, please state references or links to substantiate your answer.

  9. Blake
    Blake August 9, 2012

    I have little to NO community service under my belt in high school. I’m worried that without community service, it won’t set me apart in college.

    What community service should I get involved in to help me look good for colleges?

  10. TommyKay
    TommyKay August 10, 2012

    I have little to NO community service under my belt in high school. I’m worried that without community service, it won’t set me apart in college.

    What community service should I get involved in to help me look good for colleges?

  11. Sir fliesalot
    Sir fliesalot September 2, 2012

    I just got a ticket for 530 dollars which i can’t afford at all. If i ask for community service, can I choose the community service that I want to do or does the court mandate a specific thing for me to do? How long do i have to complete the community service? Thank you
    I actually didn’t deserve the ticket and i plan on fighting it in court, you don’t know the circumstances Robin so don’t make judgements. If i ever need driving tips, ill be sure to come to you

  12. apleaforbrandon
    apleaforbrandon September 7, 2012

    I go to school in California. I am just wondering approximately, how many hours do I need to graduate high school? Also, would babysitting be considered community service? If not, what would be considered community service?

  13. gail C
    gail C September 12, 2012

    I have one laptop.No phone.Need internet service and am willing to purchase cell phone service for primary purpose of setting up internet service for laptop.
    How is this done?How much dose it co$t?Whats best inexpensive plan?

  14. Courtney
    Courtney October 10, 2012

    i am living in chennai. I have been in the field of manufacturing spares for automobiles since 1990.Due to procurement and credit issues, sustenance is becoming a problem.Better late than never, now thinking of moving over to lesser investment, service related business.Require suggestions or advice.

  15. Samuro
    Samuro October 25, 2012

    Want to reduce the number of accounts and service charges that come with them.
    There is currently a 30amp, a 100amp and two 400amp services for the building but we don’t need that kind of capacity. We are using an average of 34,000kWh per month or a maximum of 48,000kWh. Any clues?

  16. xLittle21Yaox
    xLittle21Yaox November 1, 2012

    I live in Tennessee and I’m wanting to start a service were people in my community could come to ask about what service are out there to help them with a need. Such as health care with no insurance, support for a disease, housing, elderly or handicap services. Are there already this kind of services and if so how do you find them or contact them.

  17. RichT
    RichT November 1, 2012

    I was told that once leaving the service we have 90 days to convert SGLI into a regular life insurance policy or have a certain service connection rating to be able to convert anytime. Is this true?

  18. Ramblin Spirit
    Ramblin Spirit November 15, 2012

    I believe I have some good ideas for movies and stories and such but I want to know if there is a type of career or job field in ideas but only for film and such. Or maybe a pathway that is similar to that?

  19. MexicanDude
    MexicanDude November 20, 2012

    I have heard of people making money just by writing a blog. I am not very computer savvy — and I have not read many blogs, so this question might be really dumb.

    Do you have to write about a certain thing, or give advice. I thought a blog was just like an online public diary. I write in one everyday but no one reads it because no one knows about it.

    I definitely don’t believe that my blog is good enough to get paid for writing it, just wondering how some people manage to get such a sweet deal??

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