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  1. louisewoods1984
    louisewoods1984 November 8, 2012

    Faces don’t change with just glasses and for sure nobody even marginally intelligent would miss that.. LOL.

  2. Agent 47
    Agent 47 November 10, 2012

    Are they secretly the same person, like Clark Kent and Superman?

  3. Pacman
    Pacman November 10, 2012

    Looking for ideas for halloween, me and my friend want to go as a famous duo.

    any ideas?

    Mario and Luigi
    Miami Vice
    Peter Parker/Spiderman
    Clark Kent/Superman
    Things like that.

  4. Shay H
    Shay H November 16, 2012

    Clark Kent literally just takes off his glasses and changes clothes and NO ONE even SUSPECTS he’s Superman though they look exactly the same.

    I mean, honestly, how stupid is everyone in that universe?

  5. Thomas A
    Thomas A November 19, 2012

    As well, will he ever fly as Clark Kent?

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