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Is PayPal trying to cheat Malaysian users?

So I decided last night that it was the time for me to withdraw my PayPal funds via the bank facility that they have provided. In case you didn’t know already, PayPal has now allowed direct withdrawal of funds to Malaysian banks. However, I noticed that the exchange rate for RM from USD in the PayPal system is significantly lower than the current currency exchange market rate.

Here is the currency rate as determined by PayPal when I used their internal currency converter from USD to RM.


Maybank VISA debit internet transactions to be enabled

There is good news for those who are looking for a debit card to do online transactions or to verify their PayPal accounts. From a communique that I have recently been privy to (made available to me by a little bird who works in Maybank Credit Card Centre), I was made to understand that Maybank is going to activate their internet transaction acceptance feature for their VISA debit card on the 14th of March 2009. However, this activation is only for internal purposes and the public will only be able to enjoy this feature a week later.

Currently, the Maybank VISA debit card is only able to make purchases offline and does not work with any internet transaction. The reason why Maybank delayed this feature for so long is because of card fraud and they needed to ensure that the security checks are in place.

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I got my Maybank VISA debit card


I recently applied and received my Maybank VISA debit card at the Maybank Kajang branch. Application was fast and despite the large number of people applying for it, I received the card within one hour. It should be noted that according to the bank, the card is not yet ready for internet transactions and this was confirmed when I tried to add the card to my PayPal account but was rejected. Despite this, the bank told me that they expect to roll out this feature “soon” and some reports say that it could be as early as June 2008.

Regardless, I do suggest that those of you who want a VISA debit card to apply early for the card to avoid the “rush” in getting the card. The card can still be used at retail outlets which support the VISA feature, I used it to buy a new monitor holder with my Maybank VISA debit card! Always useful to have another debit card handy anyway…. You are invited in The best carding forum registration will be closed soon


Yesterday can be turned into an advert

Yesterday I was literally running around back and forth from the Immigration Department to the bank and the computer shop and then back again. I rewarded myself with a nice relaxing evening at Starbucks. So taking inspiration from the all-famous Mastercard advertisement, you can sum it up as follows:

Getting a Malaysian passport – RM300
Buying computer software – RM60
Applying for a Maybank VISA Debit card – RM12
A nice drink and sugar donut at Starbucks – RM18
Computer laptop – RM1999
Laying back on the sofa while chatting online with the girl you love – PRICELESS!

There are some things which money just cannot buy. For everything else, you have the moola to pay for even the services of a san diego contract attorney. Yeah, I have the money and I have no qualms flaunting it.