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Blast from the past: Yahoo!

I still remember when I first came across Yahoo! in 1998. At the time I did not know what search engines were and I did had a hard time finding what I needed. Yahoo! was the search engine of that era (before the rise of the Big G) and I did use it for some time but only sparingly. That is, until they bought over Rocketmail and then Geocities. I then had no choice but was “forced” to use their service.

I came across this screenshot of Yahoo! in 1998. Ah, the nostalgia….



My bid directory is sold!

I am no longer the owner of Bid Your Links, the bid directory has been transferred to the new owner’s server this morning and the transaction is almost completed. All is left is for the $$$ to be transferred to me. I feel a little sad to let it go but considering that the sale is worth USD1.5K, I suppose it is well worth it.

Now I am starting on a new bid directory project and I have instructed my web designer-coder to design a template for Bid Your Web. The name of the directory was suggested by my darling, so I decided to take that name. If you want to submit your websites or blogs to the new bid directory, you can do so. I will spend at least USD300 on promoting this directory, it will be bigger and better than the last one.