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Blogging For Money rejuvenated

Last year I spoke about a new theme for Blogging For Money. Well, the theme did went live a few days later but as I was busy with other projects, I could not properly test it. Heck, I didn’t have the time to even announce the emergence of this new theme (as I am doing right now)!

So far, everything seems to run smoothly and I am very happy with this new custom theme for one of my oldest blogs focusing on the making money niche. Yes, I have certainly neglected to update this blog for some time and I certainly cannot fault no one else for this apart from myself. I certainly have to shoulder the blame for not maintaining the blog as I should, since I am focusing more on my other niche blogs rather than this one.


Returning here again

Yes, I have returned to Blogging For Money again and I have plans to revive this blog again from its slumber. The last time I blogged here was four months ago, before I became preoccupied with the various blog niche projects that I started around that time. Since then, I could safely say that my earnings have increased a lot, especially as of late when I started putting Google Adsense in these niche blogs after the last PageRank update. Having to pay attention to these blogs mean that I had to abandon some existing blogs, and this blog was unfortunately one of the “victims”.


Back again with new hosting

Blogging For Money is back up again after an unexpected server outage disrupted our server and caused a hard disk corruption which caused all data (including this blog) to be lost. So I did the rather hard and thankless task of reinstalling WordPress and restoring the previous database to the blog. Fortunately there is still a latest copy of this blog lying around, and although posts that were made before the server outage is now irrecoverable they were rather too unimportant to worry about. I have even decided to use a magazine-styled theme, Forte from Moses Francis.