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Tag: Human Interest

Employee time clock software for your business

Succeeding at work is important for everyone. After all, your work success directly impacts your life. If you do well on the job, you’ll be more likely to get a raise, be chosen for company trips and even have more leeway in when you use your vacation days. There are a few ways you can make sure you do even better at work. First off, always get a good night’s rest. Never try to “wing it” and go to work on just a few hours of sleep. If you do, you’ll be the first to find out that your success depends largely on making sue you aren’t too tired to function. If you need to, start going to bed a little earlier so you can get as much rest as you need.

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Areas of consideration before deciding to start a blog

There are many advantages behind having a blog of your own. It like you have a journal on the web through which you can get to your targeted audience by giving them the valuable information they are searching for. There are a number of ways through which your blog can make you money as well like promoting products, banner ads, etc. Search engines prefer blogs more than websites so you can make the most out of this and drive a lot more traffic to your main website on crm technology through your blog. So how do you start a blog?

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Why become a full-time webmaster? For your very sanity!

Okay in this title I really mean why work online, or why work for yourself, but it really amounts to the same thing and for most people working online means running your own website.

The point is, that whatever you do for your living online, it’s amazing how liberating this is and how much of a difference it can make to your lifestyle. Many people act as though they wouldn’t like to work on their own and say that they need the social contact, or the routine, or the stability etc. But actually these are all weak arguments when you consider that you can get social stimulation by meeting your friends after your (very short) working day, when you consider that you can create your own stability and structure (like going into a coffee shop every day for two hours) and when you realise that actually if you have a good business model you are just as safe as someone in a job whose business might go under. And at least you can do something about it if you get the last word on it.


MENJ does not run pornography websites

There has been this annoying claim among the Islamophobes who hate my guts (basically because I am openly waging an “online war” against their kufr) that I own and run a network of pornography websites, and that I earn money from such sites. In the past, I have ignored such allegations because I had thought back then that it was silly and it will die out on its own. I was wrong about the latter part. This lie has been picked on by many of my online “enemies” who have a axe to grind where I am concerned, simply because of my stance against apostasy from Islam.

I am categorically denying that this has happened or ever occurred. I do not run pornography websites and I have no interest of managing any. Anyone who repeats this lie is nothing more than a pathological moron who repeats the lie simply on hearsay. My open statement on this matter can be read here.


I see a “most unfortunate fifty-eight” goon

I have no idea why the most unfortunate fifty-eight decided to stop by this blog, but since he is following it he might want to see how he has been exposed for the lying, conniving schemer he really is. Old man, you are not welcomed on any web property belonging to me and I prefer to never see your face or hear of you ever again for the rest of my natural life.

Go fuck yourself, fuck your fat ugly wife and fuck your party UMNO.


Iron Man 2 trailer on YouTube

The second Iron Man 2 trailer is now available on YouTube. I have to say that I am really impressed with what the trailer showed. It certainly shows that Iron Man is going to be bigger, better and more exciting than the first movie. They even brought the “armour suitcase” back (between the 2:21 – 2:29 minute marks)! Witness also that War Machine is making his debut for the first time…wow!

You can see the trailer below.