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Ego-thumping PayPal?

These days, whenever I log into my PayPal account I tend to see this notice in the transition window.

Not sure whether this ego-thumping attempt from PayPal is supposed to flatter their users, but I for one am not. In fact it comes across to me as quite arrogant, considering the horror stories they tell about PayPal. Not that I have any problems with PayPal now….but c’mon, is this the impression you want to send out to your users?


Is PayPal trying to cheat Malaysian users?

So I decided last night that it was the time for me to withdraw my PayPal funds via the bank facility that they have provided. In case you didn’t know already, PayPal has now allowed direct withdrawal of funds to Malaysian banks. However, I noticed that the exchange rate for RM from USD in the PayPal system is significantly lower than the current currency exchange market rate.

Here is the currency rate as determined by PayPal when I used their internal currency converter from USD to RM.


Online store with webShaper

If you are looking for an e-commerce solutions that can be integrated easily with a payment gateway, you will find that the webShaper Stores solution would be the right choice for you. With webShaper, you can easily combine the solutions with PayPal and receive transactions from your almost immediately after everything needed for your store is set up online.

Of course, before you could do this, you will need to pick a webShaper plan first. The webShaper plan comes in three choices: miniStore, sohoStore or bizStore. After you have made your choice, it is an easy matter to register for a PayPal account (if you do not have one already) and finally, setting up everything and start selling. Definitely this is something that anyone who wants to start selling online should look into.


PayPal PowerUp Party in Kuala Lumpur

PayPal celebration party

I am sure that most of the Malaysian PayPal account holders have received their confirmation e-mail regarding the PayPal PowerUp Party which is to be held this Friday, on the 11th of December 2009. The party is to be held in conjunction with PayPal’s launch in Malaysia I saw their RSVP notice some two weeks ago when I was logging into my PayPal account, so I promptly sent an e-mail RSVP but had forgotten all about it.

That is, until I received their confirmation e-mail today. Now that I am confirmed to be on their list, I will certainly go this Friday. So have you RSVP-ed and are you going?


Yesterday can be turned into an advert

Yesterday I was literally running around back and forth from the Immigration Department to the bank and the computer shop and then back again. I rewarded myself with a nice relaxing evening at Starbucks. So taking inspiration from the all-famous Mastercard advertisement, you can sum it up as follows:

Getting a Malaysian passport – RM300
Buying computer software – RM60
Applying for a Maybank VISA Debit card – RM12
A nice drink and sugar donut at Starbucks – RM18
Computer laptop – RM1999
Laying back on the sofa while chatting online with the girl you love – PRICELESS!

There are some things which money just cannot buy. For everything else, you have the moola to pay for even the services of a san diego contract attorney. Yeah, I have the money and I have no qualms flaunting it.