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Megaupload founder promotes a new website

Kim Dotcom, the billionaire founder of the Megaupload file sharing service have now resurfaced on promoting a new site called Megabox, a file sharing service and to discover new music via his new Twitter account @KimDotcom. Kim is currently awaiting an extradition case from New Zealand, as this billionaire is wanted by the FBI in the United States for various charges of copyright infringement. Apparently this has not deterred the man from coming up with new and innovative ideas to make money online through offering premium services from downloading and streaming content online.


Tiny website evolves and typically the most popular website shorteners

Utilizing an website shortener has become a basic requirement in the World Wide Web nowadays. By making use of a web address shortener, consumers can actually turn their prolonged site address into shorter link comprising of some random range and words. There are several URL shorteners that might enable the modification of sought after link in how that you can support the key phrases which were employed for that one webpage. If you’re able to properly offer the key phrases in the link, your specific market would see your site with greater regularity and they’d also remember the deal with in the website in the future as well as for recommendation purposes at the same time.

Inside the internet business, it’s very important to draw buyers and to ensure they are riveted. Greater amount of this sort of buyers you’ve got, it helps you as being a person in generation higher amount of cash, and it will be also ideal for increasing number your business. Therefore, any individual included with any type of organization would always desire to increase his business to the best of his skills as a way to boost his revenue, and internet based advertising and marketing is possibly the easiest method to do this. The need for an Link is essential in this connection, because you just cannot offered a great number of phrases on your own Link it is very important to shorten website employing web address shorteners so that it is easier to remember and quotation interesting as well.


Interesting URL shorteners on the internet

Many websites have very long URLs for their articles, especially more so with blogs that rely on automated permalinks which reuse their titles. For example, a URL can be as follows:

Such long URLs can actually break if you try to repost them in forums or e-mails. So what is the solution? You use a URL shortener, of course! With a URL shortener, the long URL example I gave above can easily be shortened into:

Short and sweet, right?

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“IbnJuferi” imposter account banned from Twitter

Woke up this morning and I received the confirmation e-mail from the Twitter support saying that they have banned the imposter account pretending to be yours truly.

Serves the idiot right. That will teach him to never mess with me again. Victory speech.

However, I am not really happy with the way Twitter had handled the issue. After all, I submitted this report nearly nine days ago, and it took them this long to verify my identity and get this imposter banned? In that long period of time, who knows what that imposter could have done to damage my reputation and con people under my identity online? Twitter would really need to look into this seriously and improve their response time to deal with such problems. I am sure that I am not the only person who was a victim of impersonation.