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Megaupload founder promotes a new website

Kim Dotcom, the billionaire founder of the Megaupload file sharing service have now resurfaced on promoting a new site called Megabox, a file sharing service and to discover new music via his new Twitter account @KimDotcom. Kim is currently awaiting an extradition case from New Zealand, as this billionaire is wanted by the FBI in the United States for various charges of copyright infringement. Apparently this has not deterred the man from coming up with new and innovative ideas to make money online through offering premium services from downloading and streaming content online.


Solution to bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is defined as a condition where an individual or an organisation is not able to pay their debts to their creditors. Bankruptcy would seem to be the last option for some to clear our debt. Bankruptcy laws are available all over the world. In the United States in particular, new bankruptcy laws have been proposed. To get an appropriate solution for bankruptcy, you can file for bankruptcy and choose from one of the two options for personal bankruptcy, which are chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy.

For more information about bankruptcy and how to file bankruptcy, check out the Paying Paul website. Is bankruptcy a viable option for you? The answer is yes, it is if you have no more options to pay off your debt. The last possible option out of your debt is simply filling bankruptcy and hope for the best. This website has all the information about bankruptcy so check it out today.