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Selecting an appropriate blogging platform is very important

Blogging may be an easy thing to do for those who are interested to get involved, but the real power behind blogging is the blog platform that you choose to write and publish your posts. Believe me, you would not want a platform that does not conform to your expectations or does not deliver the “goods”, so to speak. When you decide to start your own blog, there are many choices to be made. The very first choice is which platform to use. You’ll need to determine whether you would prefer a hosted or non-hosted blog platform.

Below I am listing the top five blogging platforms with a little of their details. Choose the one you think is right for you and be part of the huge blogging network today.


Playing around with blockquotes

Being a problogger, I take pride in ensuring that my blogs are all running in the best condition possible. That includes making sure that the theme each blog is running on (I use WordPress for a large majority of my blogs and websites these days) are coded to comply with XHTML/CSS standards and also ensure that there are no bugs along the way. Sometimes, however, things go amiss when I entrust the coding of my custom themes to 5K people whom I thought are excellent coders, but fail miserably in delivering what I expected of them to do.

A good example of what I am talking about is the coder who initially did this WordPress theme for me. Upon the recommendation of another guy, I entrusted him to do the coding work for the custom theme of Blogging For Money, with the condition that it must conform to the PSD design file as closely as possible. Unfortunately he did not do too well a job at that and the blockquotes are not showing up well…or I should say, hardly at all.


Start creating real money online with an affiliate website

Making money online just isn’t nearly as simple as many people make it out to be. It is possible to of course find some simple techniques that can help get you started. You can begin an affiliate site as this is relatively easy and can earn you some good money also. The key to making good money is to set up many sites based on different markets. Listed below you are going to find all the steps necessary in order for you to create your affiliate sites.

A little something you will be very happy to know is that you don’t need any experience to get started. The easiest way to get going is by creating your own blog. It is a lot simpler than it seems. It’s going to run you no more than per month for your web hosting and domain name. Then when you login to your CPanel, you will discover a program called Fantasico, which has the wordpress platform all ready to be installed on your site. After this you set up WordPress and you are ready to begin.


“Blogging For Money” new theme is coming soon

Since I am in the process of reviving Blogging For Money, I thought that it would certainly be most appropriate if I were to have a custom theme made for it. Here is the sneak preview of the theme for this blog. Originally I bought this theme thinking that I would release it as a free WordPress theme for users who are interested to use it. After thinking it over, however, I decided to use it here. I have already sent the PSD to the coder and it should be ready in two week’s time.


No more sponsored themes? What BS!

So the maestro of WP decided to clamp down on sponsored themes? I think someone is having delusions of grandeur here, thinking that they can act like the Big G and paid links. Well, I have invested time and money into sponsored WordPress themes (which you can see here) and I am certain that the sponsored themes industry is not going to go away. Some people might be jumping for joy when they hear this news but these people certainly do not not care squat that WP theme designers and coders need to eat and make a living in order to contribute to the community. I am into investing sponsored themes as well not just for the backlinks and money, but also to contribute to the community. What’s wrong with making a honest living off the free themes?

Anyway, I shouldn’t be too worried. There are many WordPress theme galleries that will allow sponsored themes into their database. So the industry is not quite dead yet, no matter how much some would wish that it will.


Busy, busy….

Never thought that I’d neglect blogging for so long but I have a reason for that. Still waiting the final outcome of the impending sale of my bid directory which the buyer has agreed to purchase at USD 1.5K. My intention was never to sell it but after consultation and receiving advice from many others in the industry, I decided to sell it and start a new one However, I will only start aggressive promotion of this bid directory once the sale goes through and I receive the $$$.

In other news, I’ve begun to discover the joy of selling sponsored links in WordPress themes (already making some $$$ from it) and bought the license for Mishre Directory to open its doors. I am focusing more on income from web directories and have yet to fully realise the potential of selling sponsored links in WP themes (although I have three themes on standby to be coded), I will touch on that later. To put it simply, however, I am no longer depending on blogging as my sole income source. I’d advise those of you who are serious about generating income online to never fully rely on one internet source for your moola needs. Try starting a web directory if you have a good domain name and server space to spare. You would need to spend for advertising but once the submissions start to come in, the rewards are enormous.