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Category: Text Link Ads

Looking for blogs with PR

A website owner is looking for blogs with a PR between 2 and 4 to place his link on these blogs for $3 per link. Details are as follows.


Im a website owner we are looking for link building for our site, we are willing to pay USD3 per link per url minimum PR on each is PR2 and above, the deal is permanent, for the start we are looking for 50 unit first if this working out great we might continue for some more work.

Interested? Please post your blog URL in the comments along with the PR. List as many of your blogs with PR as possible. I will collate the information and send it to the person. He will contact you shortly.


Text link ad, sold!

I don’t do very well with the TLA programme, usually I am able to only sell one slot on three different websites (out of the five websites that I am eligible for TLA), so the income is understandably very low compared to PayPerPost or even Google Adsense. But yesterday I received the following good news from TLA.

Mohd Elfie Nieshaem,

We are excited to notify you we have sold a text link ad off XXXXXXXXXXX!

To monitor your earnings login here:

You will receive these “Ad Sold” emails each time an ad is sold off your website. If you wish to turn these emails off and monitor your progress on your own, please click here to suspend these emails.

Thanks again for your participation and please let us know if we can help in any way!

Text Link Ads

That is of course good news, alhamdulillah. So now I have 4 slots sold in total. Well, the sales are certainly picking up for me after being static for more than six months. Hopefully it will improve in the coming months.


TLA announces Post Level Text Link Ads

TLA has announced their new text link ads program called Post Level TLAs. This feature is only useful for those with WordPress blogs. Once someone uses their plugin for WordPress, they will be able to sell additional Text Link Ads on the bottom of their most popular individual posts. This, I feel, is a good addition to the TLA programme, hopefully it will lead into increased advertisers and more sales for me.

Post Level TLA’s FAQ’s

– You will still have editorial control for each link purchased if you have opted for editorial control for your regular Text Link Ads.
– Pricing is set automatically and is lower on a per link basis then typical homepage placed Text Link Ads.
– No extra coding work for you, we sync all of your posts automatically with our new WP plugin.
– If you regular Text Link Ads are sold out you will now have new inventory to sell.

Those who are currently using TLA will need to upgrade their WP plugin with the new TLA WordPress plugin to get their site involved in this new product from TLA, certainly advertisers will love it.