TLA announces Post Level Text Link Ads

TLA has announced their new text link ads program called Post Level TLAs. This feature is only useful for those with WordPress blogs. Once someone uses their plugin for WordPress, they will be able to sell additional Text Link Ads on the bottom of their most popular individual posts. This, I feel, is a good addition to the TLA programme, hopefully it will lead into increased advertisers and more sales for me.

Post Level TLA’s FAQ’s

– You will still have editorial control for each link purchased if you have opted for editorial control for your regular Text Link Ads.
– Pricing is set automatically and is lower on a per link basis then typical homepage placed Text Link Ads.
– No extra coding work for you, we sync all of your posts automatically with our new WP plugin.
– If you regular Text Link Ads are sold out you will now have new inventory to sell.

Those who are currently using TLA will need to upgrade their WP plugin with the new TLA WordPress plugin to get their site involved in this new product from TLA, certainly advertisers will love it.


  1. I have no luck with TLA.. I removed it from my site along with other Contextual ads like Bidvertiser or AdBrite.

    Towards the end, I am happy with just Google Adsense.

  2. i haven’t got any luck with tla yet – apparently to them, my blog is too “fresh” (no traffic la tuh…)… i’ve submitted once (2 months back), and they still haven’t re-review my sites yet. maybe i should just drop them an email… hmmm

  3. wanting to know how much is temporary lodging assistance is paying out each period when residing at the lodge?

  4. I feel like A:TLA is extremely relevant to what I’m learning in both English and History class. We just finished learning about Hinduism and we’re moving on to Buddhism. In English we just finished reading Siddhartha. I feel like everything we’re doing in class is screaming Avatar, so I want to show it to one of my teachers. Maybe I can even get them to play an episode (or scene) in class! Anyway, I’m having trouble figuring out which episode to start them off with… Any suggestions?

  5. the concert venue, the Theatre of the Living Arts…. is smoking allowed inside? if not, can you go outside to smoke and then go back in? Haven’t been there in a few years.
    it has a bar, but they don’t serve food at all. not sure how the laws are in PA – i”m from jersey.

  6. I’m going to the dirty heads show this friday and I want to make sure there is some place to tailgate with all of my friends before hand. Thanks!

  7. This is the model number: TLA-01911C can someone please give me a link to where I can view the owners manual? I’d really appreciate it!

  8. Who here is too oblivious to the obvious discrimination that has occurred in TLA? Who here is too clueless to see that the source material of Avatar has been ignored? I want to know who support this insult of an adaption.

  9. I don’t want to use a car crash, injury, illness, freak accident, etc. I’d prefer something more unusual, seizure-like or something. The character is 15 years old, and albino, if that makes a difference. (this is a fanfiction, and in the original work she gave her life to the moon spirit {Yue from A:tLA}, so bonus points if you can work that element in.) and I’ve already used murder, so reuse might end up a little cliche.

  10. I mean like the character for Avatar: The Last Airbender. I’m writing a story with a character who is brotherly and overprotective, with a goofy, sarcastic side, and I need a name for him. Do you have any suggestions? I’m looking for something fantasy-ish, though not too crazy, and not as Chinese as the names in A:TLA are.

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