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I see a “most unfortunate fifty-eight” goon

I have no idea why the most unfortunate fifty-eight decided to stop by this blog, but since he is following it he might want to see how he has been exposed for the lying, conniving schemer he really is. Old man, you are not welcomed on any web property belonging to me and I prefer to never see your face or hear of you ever again for the rest of my natural life.

Go fuck yourself, fuck your fat ugly wife and fuck your party UMNO.


  1. Stevalicious
    Stevalicious July 18, 2012

    I have to write a human interest essay that has to do with our job field. my job field is physical therapy. any ideas?

  2. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior
    addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior July 19, 2012

    Well my son was running down the staircase , because I called him for lunch, when suddenly, he slipped and fell down the stairs, yelling “F***” as he tumbled down to the bottom.

    I was extremely offended so I grabbed a wooden spoon from the kitchen counters and swat him on the back, reminding him that profanity is not tolerated within my home.

    He is upstairs in his bedroom reflecting on what he has done, but I would like your opinion on a proper punishment for my son.

    Thank you.

  3. Krazy Bob
    Krazy Bob July 20, 2012

    Can I apply this term to refer to articles dealing with famous people?
    As an example, can I say that Michelle Obama meeting children is a human interest story?

    I’m not an english speaker, that’s why, I’m asking such a stupid question!

  4. Nick
    Nick July 20, 2012

    I’m looking for local/national human interest stories that are complete fluff and have no significance. Does anyone have a link to an article/video of some?

  5. ademuth93
    ademuth93 July 23, 2012

    It is a most hated organistation in Malaysia now. This has deviated from the ideals of founding fathers like Tunku Abdula Rahman who were inclusive of all Malaysians being fair to every one. Today, this is about corruption, cars/palaces for people like Khairy and sleeping partners?

    How do we change this situation?

  6. Noe R
    Noe R July 23, 2012

    I’m planning on getting the words fuck it in french tattooed on my lower back but I want to be sure I get the right translation. Anyone have any ideas? If youre just going to criticize my tattoo idea and get all holier than thou on me then seriously, save yourself the time and go fuck yourself instead. Thank you 🙂

  7. dealy
    dealy July 23, 2012

    So. Yes im a guy and I considered myself all my life to be bi sexual. But the problem is that ive never explored my male to male relatioship side of my bisexuality. So the actual question is where can I find a good looking guys willing to be fuck buddies? They have to be muscular.tall.blonde or not black but drake sorta color. Have long dicks. Sixpacks. And a good face. Any ideas. And I wanna keep this anonymous.

  8. Mike
    Mike July 23, 2012

    Im really self consious&I want to teach myself on how to not give a fuck about what people think about me, about what they say&what the police do, help?

  9. Tyler H
    Tyler H July 23, 2012

    -my humanities teacher asked us this.

  10. Rishi
    Rishi July 24, 2012

    Our maths teacher gave us a homework on something he never taught us. I know that “a squared + b squared = c squared” but does c only equal hypotenuse?

    The sides that the questions on the homework sheet ask for are sides that are NOT hypotenuse. I’ve been testing some the equation on some of the questions but the answer just doesn’t feel right. It’s always too big. FUCK I’m getting stressed -_-

  11. Orbit
    Orbit July 27, 2012

    I’m looking for all kinds of English interjections that express despair, distress, or extreme annoyance. For instance, “alas” or “blast it”, but in a more contemporary and colloquial speech. Any ideas? Just throw them in.


  12. Noe R
    Noe R July 28, 2012

    I have summer school for health and our teacher wants us to say the slang word, what it means, and how to do it…she wants to see who can come up with the most terms, the most common terms, & the most uncommon terms…her example to us was blow jobb(bj) thanks
    I re asked this question cause my other one was unclear…I hope this one is clearer, let me know if it is not clear

  13. Alina Elliott
    Alina Elliott August 1, 2012

    Im really self consious&I want to teach myself on how to not give a fuck about what people think about me, about what they say&what the police do, help?

  14. Andrew S
    Andrew S August 3, 2012

    Najib Razak mentioned that UMNO is the only party that can promote Malay rights and Malay interests

    What are your thoughts on that?
    why does my ethnicity even matter?

  15. Jermaine J
    Jermaine J August 4, 2012

    I’m doing a project where i have to teach the class and im going to show a video, have an activity, and then a quiz. the other people in my group are doing the quiz and the video. Its an 8th grade class. any suggestions?

  16. soccermaster1
    soccermaster1 August 4, 2012

    I am looking for interjections, such as ‘ah’, ‘um’, ‘hey!’, etc, but in languages other than English (and preferably other than Spanish).

  17. uberfailz
    uberfailz August 5, 2012

    IS it true that the word caballo is used for slang for a womans period?

  18. soccermaster1
    soccermaster1 August 5, 2012

    Can u name some books in English which are about Interjections?
    Can you suggest a Topic for my Research course?(about linguistic and teaching)

  19. Ryan Z
    Ryan Z August 9, 2012

    I am doing some valid research and I need to know what slang terms people are using today to describe any sexual activity or service performed that you know of. Maybe you heard something in a song or listening to kids talk, etc. Please use the template of “slang term – meaning of it”. Thank you so much!
    I am asking this question in different areas of Yahoo answers so please do not feel that I am singling out any group of people on here. Thanks!

  20. Daniel
    Daniel August 10, 2012

    perod? Comma Exclamation or quotation?

  21. Shay H
    Shay H August 18, 2012

    Well, im 15.. The 1st time we date i knew that he meant to do sth to me.. And after 3 months, he told me he wanna fuck me.. He started to be cold and nasty.. Once he almost got me but i fight him.. Now im scared if later i could not fight him anymore.. Because you know, boy has more strength.. So, if you were i, would you let him do it or just break off?

  22. Jason M
    Jason M August 19, 2012

    I keep trying to save my information, but the profanity error keeps popping up. I’ve checked several times and there is no profanity, but I do have links to my deviantART and YouTube account. That’s the only thing I can think of that could be making it not work. Could it be a coding error or does Neopets just hate me?

  23. Kaylla
    Kaylla August 23, 2012

    Hey guys I’m having trouble with my summer homework. I forgot what interjections are. Please someone tell me what they are and the interjections in these sentences.

    1. The circus is coming.
    2. Great, let’s go!
    3. Do you know what the admission price will be?
    4. Hand me that envelope.
    5. I have two free tickets.

  24. Scorch Delta-62
    Scorch Delta-62 August 24, 2012

    Malaysia’s Christians say they have used the word without incident for centuries, but the ruling party presently insists it must be used only by Malaysian Muslims.

    Home Ministry secretary-general Mahmood Adam, who briefed foreign diplomats on the crisis on Monday 11-01-10, said they had asked why the term was off-limits in Malaysia, when it is widely used by Christians in Indonesia and the Middle East.

    Azmi Sharom from the Universiti Malaya criticised the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) for stoking Malay nationalism in order to protect its voter base, after 2008 elections where it lost unprecedented ground to the opposition.
    “The soil has already been prepared by UMNO… the tone has been very much about the Malays being under threat’ Sharom said, adding that the “Allah” ban had no basis in theology.
    “Instead of making a stand on principle, (UMNO) are trying to make sure they don’t lose appeal to their voters even if it means they are appealing to a bunch of racists,” he said.

  25. Kaden
    Kaden August 24, 2012

    My mom isn’t that much of a fan of swearing and I wanted to know how much it swears. Also, can you turn off the profanity like you can in Gears of War 2, since they’re both made by Epic Games?

  26. kewlflame14
    kewlflame14 August 24, 2012

    Why is it that the government is called United MALAYS National Organisation? Why is it malay(muslims) instead of united malaysians. It favours malays(muslims) over other malaysians?

    Why is it that in malaysia it’s illegal to convert a muslim to other religion but legal to convert someone from another religion to muslim?

  27. ibjammin44
    ibjammin44 August 24, 2012

    I mean UMNO seats excluding MCA, MIC, Gerakan and so on!!!
    Could someone answer total Parliamentary seats contested by BN component parties individually – UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP and Sabah and Sarawak parties.


  28. forahobby
    forahobby August 24, 2012

    my ex boyfriend called me a conniving, manipulative, vindictive crazy-ass bitch.
    what does all the mean about me?

  29. Noe R
    Noe R August 27, 2012

    My mom isn’t that much of a fan of swearing and I wanted to know how much it swears. Also, can you turn off the profanity like you can in Gears of War 2, since they’re both made by Epic Games?

  30. timq3dimensionscom
    timq3dimensionscom August 28, 2012

    He left when I was 4, but now I have money and all of a sudden he wants to be involved in my life when he hasn’t been involved in 20 years! Why the fuck does he want me to treat him as a supperior? I don’t even fucking know him.

  31. Kobe
    Kobe August 28, 2012

    I have open-office, worked before. Now it fucked up my project. I spent the last week writing an essay that is due tomorrow morning, but guess what I converted it to XML by accident. Lost over half my report and now I’m fucked anything I can do to fix this?

  32. balinderk2000
    balinderk2000 August 30, 2012

    In its always sunny in phillidalphia they say shit all the time and in the boondocks they say nigga all the time so why can they say those words but not be able to say fuck?

  33. Stevalicious
    Stevalicious September 2, 2012

    I want to oil her body all over before we have sex, but I just realized, I don’t actually know WHAT kind of oil I should use. Any ideas?

  34. nyyankees1123
    nyyankees1123 September 22, 2012

    Im really self consious&I want to teach myself on how to not give a fuck about what people think about me, about what they say&what the police do, help?

  35. Roar me R
    Roar me R October 2, 2012

    So my roommate says that there are like a fuck load of Andy Warhol paintings out there, thus decreasing their value. I guessed it was more like a buttload, thus still allowing for high prices in auctions. Plz help quick!!!

  36. Patrick
    Patrick October 2, 2012

    My brother does nothing but play shooting games online with people he seems to hate very much. How do I get him to shut the fuck up? I once told him to his face that I would kill him in his sleep (yes, i know, threats aren’t nice, but i was so upset i didn’t know completely what i was saying… ) and he hit me. Am I just doomed to have an asshole for a brother??

  37. Malcolm Hudson
    Malcolm Hudson October 8, 2012

    On halo 3 , some of my randomly chosen teamates kill me, and make fun of me, saying bad things. How can you report players in the game, while it is going?

  38. vanvark83
    vanvark83 October 16, 2012

    Heard this rap/rock song on the radio. Starts off with a pretty good intro, then the singer starts screaming something like drop down mother fucker, couldn’t make out the words. One of the lyrics is “we don’t give a fuck, we don’t give a fuck.” I think the band name starts with an H.

  39. Zack Faria
    Zack Faria October 19, 2012

    My ex and I decided that we are going to be fuck buddies. We broke up about a month ago and were together for a year and a half. I love him and he loves me, but he doesn’t want a relationship right now. We would only be hooking up with each other. Do you think this could work out?

  40. veemodz
    veemodz November 2, 2012

    Besides being a barista, grocery store clerk, unpaid intern with no chance at promotion, or paying for another degree. I’d go back to school but I have no more money. I know a lot about Milton, the Beatniks, the victorians, the romantics, and Chaucer. I guess what I’m really asking for is a job.

  41. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag
    Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag November 4, 2012

    Seriously. I’m fuckin pissed off already. I try to put my earrings back in and I can’t fuckin find the back of the hole. HOW THE FUCK DO I DO IT? Everyone else just pops the shit in their ear and it goes all the way through. I can’t even find the back of the hole so I don’t know what way to push it.

    Any tips or whatever? Please? I’m so frustrated.

  42. liza
    liza November 6, 2012

    Sometimes teachers hear me.. Like “Man fuck that shit.” or something around those lines.. Now… They always say something to me.. I am a anarchist so I am a tad bit mouthy, so I always respond back with ‘Freedom of Speech is a real bitch isn’t it?” However how can I politically tell them to “Shut the fuck up and let me say what I wish.”

  43. slipknot0129
    slipknot0129 November 6, 2012

    What would u do if u wanted 2 fuck your best friend 4 just 1 night.

  44. PoohBearPenguin
    PoohBearPenguin November 18, 2012

    I was at the Warped Tour concert in MA yesterday and they had a t-shirt there that said Fuck You and Your Stupid Cigarettes but I didn’t see who was selling them? I want to get it but I don’t know where to go. Please help me find it.

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