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Benefits of submitting your web site to a directory

There are several reasons why you should submit a website or your website to a website directory. If you take the time to think about it if you have been on the internet for any time at all by now you should have stumbled across an internet website directory.

A web directory is sort of like an online portal that has many web site links, which are sorted into different categories. Like clothes, electronics, books, etc. All of the links that you see have been submitted and approved by the moderators who own the web site directory. There are numerous benefits to submitting your web site to the internet website directory; below we have a few examples of why you should submit your web site to pages like these directories.

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Link Muncher Web Directory

Introducing my first free web directory project, Link Muncher Web Directory which I intend to keep as a free web directory for as long as I own it it. This is part of my experimentation with a totally-free web directory. Although it is a free web directory, it should be noted that links submitted will only be approved based on the submission guidelines which you should read first before submitting. MFA, affiliates or redirect websites will not be accepted at all.

So submit to Link Muncher Web Directory today and show that you appreciate this latest effort to maintain a free web directory for your backlinks and SEO needs.


My PR5 blog dropped its PR

For some strange reason, Google decided to make some sort of adjustment to their PageRank algorithm. The result of that was my flagship blog dropped its PR by -1 to PR4. I find it strange because this is certainly not an update and out of all my sites, only my blog has suffered from a decrease in PageRank for some strange reason. Fortunately my web directories did not suffer a tumble due to this change, although many directory owners have experienced a -1 tumble in their PR as well.


Up6 Top Bidders List

Bid for position directories are currently one of the popular methods on the World Wide Web, and there are many web directories which are following this new concept. In order to get a listing in this type of directory, all you have to do is to bid for your link position according to the minimum bid, and add to it in order to improve its position. Basically, the idea behind it is that the more you pay for your link, the higher the position of your link compared to others. There is certainly something alluring about this new way of advertising and we feel that gaining attention and traffic via bid for position directories is certainly around to stay for a long time.

Up6 Top Bidders List is one such directory which lists your website or blog with the bid for position concept. A dynamic, quality bidding web directory, links are sorted according to categories and alphabetical order. With Up6 Top Bidders List, you can now bid for a position at the directory and be among the top six bidders list on the main page. So what are you waiting for, submit your link today and be among the six of the top bidders list in the directory.


Alive Blog Directory

A web directory is a collection of web sites which are organized into different niche categories and sub-categories, usually by a human editor who will scrutinize the listing before approving it into the directory. The difference between directories and search engines is that all web sites in a directory are selected by hand after undergoing various review criteria, whereas search engines use softwares to automatically index the web pages with no regard for quality. Thus this means that a web directory is a biggest source for the searching and browsing through the best web resources.

A web directory can also be focused on a general collection, or it may also be a niche directory which collects a good list of blogs sorted by categories, or what one may refer to as a blog directory. Blogs have always been an ultimate source for getting some of the best information, therefore it is a good idea to collect them into a directory. A good example of this type of directory is the Alive Blog Directory, which is a quality directory with high traffic containing various blogs for you to look up. So do not forget to check out this directory in order to subscribe to the many famous blogs that regularly post something new.


DirectoryPro Business Directory

DirectoryPro Business Directory is a human-edited, quality business web directory with search engine-friendly links which is designed to help its users find relevant companies, products and services information in a professional business directory. Our mission as a business directory is to become the premier source of listing business websites and provide users with the best results. We review your website and get it listed under regular or featured listing in the most relevant category.

So submit your websites to DirectoryPro Business Directory, we are certainly waiting!