Why is the rum gone?

I saw the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 trailer when I was waiting for Spider-Man 3 to show up and I must admit that the cinematography looks pretty much impressive. I love the fight scenes, but I am not sure why Captain Barbosa is around (he’s supposed to have died). I wish I really could go to the Nuffnang-sponsored opening event. Unfortunately, I am afraid that I might have to forget about that since the darling will not be able to come on that date, and I certainly will not go to a movie without her. Sorry.

But I do wonder where they got all those gold? Is it real? If it is, then they should really learn how to invest it with Monex. After all, Monex has thirty years experience in investment of precious metals. One would be able to keep those gold for personal safekeeping or in a recognised financial institution. You can also purchase gold from Monex, so it is really no issue. After all, there are no sword-wielding pirates after your gold these days.


  1. in the first POTC, when they abduct elizbeth n take her to captain barbosa.. n she talks abt negosiation.. cap. barbosa says somethin that means “no”…. wht does he say? it is kinnda complicated thing…
    can anyone help me plz….?
    thank u.

  2. Is the Babelfish translation “Pourquoi est le rhum toujours allĂ©” correct?

  3. I’ve had this problem ever since coming out of the womb. No matter where I go, the rum always seems to disappear. How can I solve this problem and catch the culprit who has been stealin’ me rum!

  4. I am a huge fan, but I need to understand more about Calypso:

    What is with her and Davy Jones? and a betrayal?

    What do the Pirates want with her, in the scene were she burst into crabs?

    Why did she save Captain Barbosa?

  5. Im looking for some good alcoholic drinks that I can make with plain smirnoff vodka and/or triple sec rum. I can basically go out and buy anything to mix it with. (ex: orange juice, cranberry juice, etc.)

  6. It has something to do with rum. i know that much. and its not “Why is all the rum gone?” please help!

  7. I found an old bottle of european 80% rum or whiskey the lids been opened before but i dont know how long ago and the lid has remained on and I think it could be up to 20 years old
    could it have become stronger and increased in alchohol content?

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